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A curated Collection of Fantasy and Science Fiction Media

Some of My Favourite Media:

Essentially anything written by Robin Hobb
Bioware’s Mass Effect and Dragon Age Videogame Series
Critical Role
Dimension 20
Sylvain Neuvel's The Themis Files book series
Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim
2K Games’s Bioshock video game series
The X-Files
Critical Role
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Lotte's Latest Highly Rated:


Hi! I’m Lotte, and I’m a ~creative~. I spend most of my free time making stuff, be it drawing, sewing, making music or even games. I’m the one who manages the website, so if you have complaints about the functionality of the site, I’m the one you want to harass.

My standard for media honestly isn’t very high. The most important thing to me is whether something is fun. I don’t believe liking things that are “grimdark” makes you edgy and cool. We get it, life sucks sometimes. Why would you want it to also suck in the worlds you escape to for fun? 


One thing I struggle with as a reviewer is negativity. I don’t like to be negative about things that other people love. At the same time, that is what I am sometimes called to do on the site, and I don’t want to refrain from giving my opinion just because others might disagree with it. I also know that negative reviews are often the most fun to write, and the most fun to read. I’d like to stress that even when I think something is hot garbage, my opinion shouldn’t matter to you if you love that thing. If you really like Cloud Atlas I definitely don’t think you have poor taste – it just differs from mine.

Pet PeeveS

Strawman feminism where the bad guy is so cartoonishly sexist that you can easily frame your boring protagonist as a woke girlboss


People who know nothing about corsets, writing about characters wearing corsets (literally do not get me started on this)


Movies that start with a block of text as if I’m gonna read that shit


Ugly costumes. Why.


Games without horses or dogs. WHY.


Thing that has dragon in the title but no dragon in the content. This should be illegal.

Recent Contributions

Review: Howl’s Moving Castle – Diana Wynne Jones

On a normal day selling hats in the shop, hatmaker Sophie has the bad luck to be cursed by a witch to look and feel like an old crone. Previously having resigned herself to her dull fate, she now promptly leaves the shop and knocks on the door of the wizard and notorious womanizer Howl to get her curse lifted. She comes to an agreement with the fire demon living in Howl’s hearth instead.

Review: The Sins on Their Bones – Laura R. Samotin

Dimitri used to be the Tzar of Novo-Svitsevo – until he was usurped by his husband Alexey, who turned out not to just be abusive, but also a dark sorcerer. Having lost his husband as well as a civil war, Dimitri has fallen into depression and is now in exile, holed up in a foreign city with a handful of his most loyal followers, trying to think of a way to kill an immortal man and put Dimitri back on the throne of his empire. Perhaps the most important of those followers is Vasily, Dimitri’s former spymaster, who must find a way to infiltrate Alexey’s court – while also navigating complex feeling towards Dimitri. Alexey, meanwhile, is trying to forget Dimitri – and to focus on his plans for world domination.

Review: Fourth Wing – Rebecca Yarros

Violet Sorrengail has spent her entire life training to be a scribe like her father, but when conscription day comes around, her mother forces her to join the Rider’s Quadrant. Because she’s so small and weak, Violet has to use all her wit to survive and one day become a dragon rider like her mother and sister. Meanwhile, she finds herself impossibly attracted to the son of her mother’s worst enemy.

Review: Damsel – Netflix

Elodie, the daughter of a Lord, agrees to marry the prince in order to secure a better future for her people. The union seems like something out of a classic fairy tale, but a terrible secret will soon be uncovered…