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Review: Howl’s Moving Castle – Diana Wynne Jones

On a normal day selling hats in the shop, hatmaker Sophie has the bad luck to be cursed by a witch to look and feel like an old crone. Previously having resigned herself to her dull fate, she now promptly leaves the shop and knocks on the door of the wizard and notorious womanizer Howl to get her curse lifted. She comes to an agreement with the fire demon living in Howl’s hearth instead.

Review: The Sins on Their Bones – Laura R. Samotin

Dimitri used to be the Tzar of Novo-Svitsevo – until he was usurped by his husband Alexey, who turned out not to just be abusive, but also a dark sorcerer. Having lost his husband as well as a civil war, Dimitri has fallen into depression and is now in exile, holed up in a foreign city with a handful of his most loyal followers, trying to think of a way to kill an immortal man and put Dimitri back on the throne of his empire. Perhaps the most important of those followers is Vasily, Dimitri’s former spymaster, who must find a way to infiltrate Alexey’s court – while also navigating complex feeling towards Dimitri. Alexey, meanwhile, is trying to forget Dimitri – and to focus on his plans for world domination.

Review: Fourth Wing – Rebecca Yarros

Violet Sorrengail has spent her entire life training to be a scribe like her father, but when conscription day comes around, her mother forces her to join the Rider’s Quadrant. Because she’s so small and weak, Violet has to use all her wit to survive and one day become a dragon rider like her mother and sister. Meanwhile, she finds herself impossibly attracted to the son of her mother’s worst enemy.

Review: Damsel – Netflix

Elodie, the daughter of a Lord, agrees to marry the prince in order to secure a better future for her people. The union seems like something out of a classic fairy tale, but a terrible secret will soon be uncovered…

Review: Floating Hotel – Grace Curtis

The Grand Abeona Hotel is both space ship and resort, an interstellar cruise ship floating from system to system, providing old fashioned luxury to the well-to-do of each planet at which it calls. Its crew are a chaotic bunch of outcasts and refugees, forged into a well oiled machine (well, mostly) by kindly hotel manager Carl – who knows that each and every one of them has a story of their own. But even an out-of-this-world place like the Grand Abeona cannot escape the political realities of the galaxy. Some of the guests carry secrets – and even worse, perhaps so do some of the staff…

Review: City of Bones – Cassandra Clare

Clary is just a normal girl from New York City when she runs into a group of mysterious so-called shadowhunters on a mission to kill a demon. As her life becomes intertwined with theirs, Clary is forced to question her own life. She sees what dangers lurk in the shadows of New York City, and what some are willing to do for power.

Review: Legends & Lattes – Travis Baldree

Veteran adventurer and orc barbarian Viv decides to throw in the towel and live a peaceful life instead. She has an idea for a shop selling a dark exotic brew she once tasted on one of her adventures… called coffee. But how to convince people to buy a drink they don’t even know exists?

Review: Assassin’s Fate – Robin Hobb

Fitzchivalry Farseer’s daughter Bee has been kidnapped, and is presumed dead. Fortunately, Bee is very much alive, but unfortunately, she is being held captive by a group of white prophets, who intend to bring her back to their home in Clerres. Meanwhile, Fitz and his companions go on a journey to Clerres to kill all whites, to punish them for Bee’s alleged death.

Review: Fractal Noise – Christopher Paolini

After the traumatic death of his wife, xenobiologist Alex Crichton joins an expedition that brings him and his fellow crew to Talos VII. They detect an anomaly on the planet: a giant hole that seems to have been created by intelligent life. Alex and three of his fellow shipmates descend to the planet to discover what the hole is, who made it, and why.*

*As they journey closer to the giant pit, Alex is forced to confront not just the idea of there being other life in the universe, but also his own demons.

Review: Harrow the Ninth – Tamsyn Muir

After the events in Canaan House, Harrow is finally raised to Lyctorhood and takes her place among her fellow Lyctors. However, she finds herself struggling with her new position. Her transformation was imperfect, and she doesn’t have all the powers the other Lyctors have. Her memory is woozy, she doesn’t remember Gideon at all, and she has a set of envelopes she’s written before losing her memory, with instructions for several hypothetical scenarios. Meanwhile, the Lyctors prepare for the arrival of a Resurrection Beast hell-bent on killing the Emperor.