Escape Velocity

A curated Collection of Fantasy and Science Fiction Media

Some of My Favourite Media:

Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy
Frank Herbert's Dune
David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas
Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Games Workshop’s Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game
Tonke Dragt’s Brief voor de Koning (Letter for the King) - the book. The Netflix show sucks
Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot
H.P. Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness
Edgar Allen Poe’s The Fall of the House of Usher
2K’s BioShock game series
Nickelodeon’s Avatar: the Last Airbender


Welcome to my curator page!  


While I spend most of my waking hours slaving away as an attorney for a large law firm, I like to spend my free time escaping from reality in all sorts of stories and games – fantasy, sci-fi, horror, you name it. When I’m not reading, writing, or painting miniatures, I like to hit people (or more likely, get hit) with a sword.


In my speculative fiction, I like plot-heavy stories that still make you connect with the characters, and world building that is not just interesting and exotic, but that actually works on a historical, geographic, economic or scientific level. I like stories that put your brain to work. I’m a sucker for the classics and love to read older stuff to get an idea of how genres and tastes evolved over time. I like games that have a strong narrative element – even in board games, I like the ones that give you the feeling you’re setting up a colony on a distant planet over ones that may be more balanced but feel less alive. 


Nowadays, what with my job and life in general getting in the way, I don’t spend nearly as much time gaming or reading as I used to, but I still listen to as many audiobooks as I can and I try to make time for everything else, but sometimes, everything that is out there that I would still like to see or read or play is overwhelming. If you feel the same, please look around! Your time is precious, and we all want to spend it on the very best the genre has to offer!

Realistic or grimdark settings


Characters getting punished for their mistakes


Tightly written plots and well-foreshadowed plot twists


When magic is a mystery (and you sometimes wonder whether it is magic at all)


When the story structure itself wows you


Realistic economic and geographical worldbuilding


Writers that trust their readers to figure it out by themselves and do not feel to need to explain every detail

When the stakes in a story grow beyond the point where it is relatable


Love triangles and sappy romance




When stories or games take way more time than they have any right to


Whiney main characters


Really competitive games


Poorly executed politics

Pet PeeveS

Historical inaccuracies in medieval fantasy settings (especially in combat)

Humanoid aliens in sci-fi

Characters inexplicably having really modern mindsets/sensibilities in settings where that makes no sense

Needlessly edgy characters in order to make things ‘dark’

The thing where the dainty woman always has to be the archer even though shooting a 100+ pound warbow takes far more strength than properly wielding a sword

Characters that do dumb stuff but get away with it

Writers coming up with a new name for their orc-race despite the fact that they are clearly just reskinned orcs

Fantasy names with a bunch of open vowels and unexplained ‘ä’s or ‘â’s

Recent Contributions

We are an opinionated group of friends reviewing all sorts of fantasy and science fiction media.

Review: The Eye of the World – Robert Jordan

A sheepherder from a country village is dragged into an adventurous life when his home is attacked by evil trollocs. A powerful mage and her sworn warder take him on a perilous journey of discoveries, hardship, and challenges.

Review: Ghost in the Shell – Mamoru Oshii

An almost completely prosthetic cyborg, is an agent in a shady police/intelligence unit tasked with counter-terrorism and cybersecurity in a near future Japan. When she finds the trail of a cybercriminal best known for hacking a person’s cerebral implants, she is pulled into a dangerous manhunt infused with questions of identity and humanness.

Review: Willow – Lucasfilm

Wednesday Addams is sent to her mother’s old boarding school after almost killing a kid at her former high school. Reluctant at first, Wednesday soon starts to feel at home as she tries to solve a monstrous murder mystery. The real challenge she faces is dealing with her preppy, colour-loving roommate.

Review: Seveneves – Neal Stephenson

When the moon is struck by an asteroid, humanity must evacuate the surface of planet earth or go extinct in the firestorm of moon debris burning up in the atmosphere that will immolate the land and evaporate the oceans. Seveneves is the story of humanity trying their best to navigate the engineering of survival in orbit and the politics of the apocalypse.