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The Three Body Problem

Review: The Three Body Problem – Liu Cixin

Part one of the Remembrance of Earth’s Past Trilogy – Wang Miao is recruited to infiltrate a secretive organisation of scientists connected to a series of suicides, and takes up a mysterious videogame, Three Body, in the process.

City of Brass

Review: The City of Brass – S.A. Chakraborty

Part 1 of the Daevabad Trilogy

Nahri, a shrewd young woman from Cairo, is unexpectedly plucked from her human life and ends up in an unknown world of magic and supernatural jinn. Meanwhile, Ali, a young jinn prince, finds himself in the midst of the political tensions of the royal capital.

Conqueror's Moon

Review: Conqueror’s Moon – Julian May

Part one in the Boreal Moon Trilogy – Prince Conrig Wincantor has the ambition to unify the island of High Blengholme under Cathran Sovereignty. With the help of the sorceress Ullanoth and Deveron Austrey, his secret spy, he sets in motion his daring plan.

The Final Empire

Review: The Final Empire – Brandon Sanderson

First part of the Mistborn Trilogy – Vin, a young thief with a special talent, lives to survive. Her views are challenged when she meets the legendary crew leader Kelsier, a revolutionist who intends to overthrow the cruel Lord Ruler.

Review: Temeraire – Naomi Novik

Part 1 in the Temeraire Series – British navy captain William Lawrence captures a dragon egg from the French, and he and his dragons are pressed into service in the British aerial core to train for the war against Napoleon and the inevitable invasion of the British Isles…

Review: The Last Argument of Kings – Joe Abercrombie

Part three in the First Law Trilogy – Logen returns to the North to face his old demons, Jezal returns to home to a different life, and Inquisitor Glokta returns to Adua, expecting to be assassinated the moment he disembarks from his ship…

Review: Before They Are Hanged – Joe Abercrombie

Part two in the First Law Trilogy – The first of the magi goes on a quest across the world in search for an artifact that only he understands, Inquisitor Glokta is sent to a Union colony to solve the murder of his predecessor, and Colonel West is sent to the North to defend civilsation itself.

Review: The Blade Itself – Joe Abercrombie

Part one in the First Law Trilogy – Enter the grim dark world of Joe Abercrombie’s debut novel, featuring a cast of twisted characters struggling to find meaning in a world that is frayed by war and injustice.