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Hi all, and welcome to our  update for May 2022!

At the end of the month, one of our curators looks back at what they’ve been up to over the past weeks and what we can (hopefully) expect from them in the not-too-distant future. 

This month, Peter will take you through his experiences in the speculative genre over the past month. Curious what models are on his painting station or what books are on his night stand?

Read on!

Past month

Sometimes life just catches up on you all at once and overwhelms you, and it feels like a month has gone past in the blink of an eye – the past weeks have been like that for me – so it feels bizarre that it has already been more than a month since we visited Elfia.

Still, if I have to pick a favourite post from the past month, it has to be Lotte’s guide on how to play convention bingo. I’m not exactly sure who or how we came up with it, but it is absolutely a tonne of fun and a good reason to really drink in everyone’s costumes at the fair. 

If you haven’t read the guide yet, be sure to give it a read now! 

Furthermore, I’ve spent the past months convincing people to watch Neill Blomkamp movies with me, so I could feel like there was something of a red thread to my reviews for once.

I’ve watched all three of his big movies. They’re a bit of a mixed bag, but I feel especially District 9 may be worth seeing if you haven’t already. And if you’re just looking for a not-too-smart sci-fi movies with bullets pinging of the screen. you won’t go wrong with Elysium.

At the time of writing, all three are on Netflix!   


As I said time went quickly last month, but I did have a few moments to spend on media I liked. look out for reviews and updates the coming month.

I needed a dumb video game to get my mind off of things, and boy I think I stumbled onto the king of dumb videogames. Vampire Survivors is a rogue-like survival game with gameplay so minimal it can hardly be called gameplay at all, but I have already spent hours upon hours on it – it might literally be the best EUR 2,50 I have ever spent. 

I’ve painted a bit less than usual lately, but I have completed a couple of metal Uruk-Hai Scouts and I am planning on finishing them soon – you’ll see the pictures appear when they are done!

Same goes for the WotC Aasimar I’ve been painting with Robin – the sculpts are great but the casts are a bit disappointing. We’re making the best of it, and I think they’re turning out great – again, I promise pictures further down the line. 

I just finished rereading Julian May’s The Adversary, wrapping up her Saga of Pliocene Exile (which I’ll be reviewing in due course), so now I have to pick which book from my shelf of shame is next. I’m mostly debating between diving right into May’s Galactic Milieu stuff with Intervention, or doing the socially expected thing and reading The Priory of the Orange Tree, which I borrowed from a friend. Also, I really want to start Hyperion

Choices, choices. 

And I finally got to American Gods! Now I understand why everyone was pushing me to read it. I think it is the best thing by Neill Gaiman I have read so far, I loved that it was just a tad darker than most of what he puts out. 

I didn’t really read it, I secretly listened to the full cast audiobook instead. I really like full cast books, it really adds to the experience and I really hope it becomes more of a trend!  

That’s it for this month folks!

Do you have an opinion on Neill Blomkamp? 

And which book do you think I should read next, Intervention, or The Priory

Let us know on our socials!

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