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City of Brass

Review: The City of Brass – S.A. Chakraborty

Part 1 of the Daevabad Trilogy

Nahri, a shrewd young woman from Cairo, is unexpectedly plucked from her human life and ends up in an unknown world of magic and supernatural jinn. Meanwhile, Ali, a young jinn prince, finds himself in the midst of the political tensions of the royal capital.

Review: Small World – Days of Wonder

Small World is a game in which players pick a combination of fantasy species and special powers to try and raise a profitable empire in a world that is simply much too small. As the game progresses, players do not only need to ponder the moves of their enemies, but also the potential lifespan of their own civilizations. Sometimes, the decline of one empire might lead to new glory for a next one…

Review: The 100 – The CW

In a post-apocalyptic universe, all that remains of humanity lives in a slowly dying space station, called the Ark. One hundred delinquent youth are sent to Earth to see if it is once again habitable. While those on the Ark struggle to keep everything going, the 100 discover that Earth is not as desolate as they expected.

The Final Empire

Review: The Final Empire – Brandon Sanderson

First part of the Mistborn Trilogy – Vin, a young thief with a special talent, lives to survive. Her views are challenged when she meets the legendary crew leader Kelsier, a revolutionist who intends to overthrow the cruel Lord Ruler.