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In a post-apocalyptic universe, all that remains of humanity lives on a slowly dying space station, called the Ark. One hundred delinquent youth are sent to Earth to see if it is once again habitable. While those on the Ark  struggle to keep everything going, the 100  discover that Earth is not as desolate as they expected.

This series is an interesting one. When I watched the first half of the first season, I thought the writing and part of the acting were simply weak. Entertaining YA content, but nothing more. Then, as the season progressed, it suddenly seemed like the quality was growing exponentially. I was hooked. Not only that, the writing from seasons 2 to 4 is among the strongest (worthy of at least four stars) I have seen in recent years. 


The 100  contains some interesting ideas that are generally well-executed. The worldbuilding of this post-apocalyptic Earth is solid and the characters have to face some fairly realistic dilemmas. The grimdark setting really makes you think at times. What would I do in such a scenario? Would I be able to make the hard choices? Questions without correct answers.


This series succeeded in delivering a strong and diverse cast of characters, whose stories are strongly interwoven with the plot of each season. On the whole, I liked most characters, even if I hated them. I cursed them, I laughed at them and I cried for them. Some, I even loved. 


For those who decide to give this series a chance and find they like both the plot and the characters, I would certainly encourage you to watch the first five seasons. The season finale of the fifth season can serve as an ending to the series as a whole. The tone of the following seasons is very different from the first five seasons. In terms of content, the last seasons contain interesting concepts, but they somewhat come at the expense of the atmospheric unity of the previous seasons.

Jop has made some excellent points. Starting off I was sceptical about the series, but the acting and the storyline grew into somthing with depth and body. I got quite carried away with this one. The politics of war were always a backdrop for the struggles of our main characters, creating some very interesting ethical questions. A bingeable series with shippable characters (team #clexa represent!).

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