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Review: Willow – Lucasfilm

Over twenty years after the defeat of Queen Bavmorda in the movie Willow, six adventurers set out on a dangerous rescue mission. Accompanied by the legendary sorcerer Willow himself, they must journey to far-off places and face their inner demons in order to defeat a great evil.

Review: The Fifth Season – N. K. Jemisin

The world is ending, but not for the first time. It was ended many times before, by earthquakes and volcanoes and famine. Seismic events can be controlled by Orogenes, people who can manipulate the kinetic and thermal forces of the earth to still quakes and bend the earth’s energy to their will.

Yearly Wrap-up: 2022 in Review

At the start of 2022, our curators chose some resolutions for themselves? Which media on their to be read/watch/listen/play piles did get their attention? And what else did the year bring?

Review: Avatar II: The Way of Water – James Cameron

Inevitably, the Sky People return to Pandora. Jake Sully organises the Na’vi resistance. But when he finds out the humans are specifically targeting him and the family he has built in their absence, he decides that the best way to protect his family and the clan that adopted him is to move far away, to where the human’s can’t find them. Right?

Review: Babel, Or the Necessity of Violence: An Arcane History of the Oxford Translators’ Revolution – R.F. Kuang

Robin Swift is taken from his native Kanton to Oxford to study translation: the art of producing magic from the difference in meaning between translated words in different languages. He is torn by the contradiction between his love for Oxford’s translation institute Babel and the study of languages on the one hand, and his growing unease at Britain’s role in the world and Babel’s role in Britain.

Review: The Rings of Power – Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime’s long-expected take on Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings based on the Appendices to the Return of the King chronicles the lives of several younger versions of characters we know from the Lord of the Rings and their attempts to prevent Sauron’s rise to power.

Review: Stone Blind – Natalie Haynes

Medusa, a mortal girl, is brought up by her two immortal sisters. They live a quiet life removed from others, until Medusa catches the eye of Poseidon. Powerless to stop the events that this sets in motion, the consequences for Medusa will be terrible.