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Time to get to know the Escape Velocity Collection’s curators! How? By asking them the questions that really matter! Let’s see what our curators have to say… 

This week’s question is:

What is your favourite The Lord of the Rings-meme?

Though perhaps not as eminently memeable as the Star Wars prequel trilogy, Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings Trilogy is still prime meme material. However, Sturgeon’s Law applies to memes as much as to anything else (if not more!) As Robin put it, the internet is where the Infinite Monkey Theorem meets comedy, and the result is a heap of thousands of thrash-tier memes with some gems hidden inside. We’re here to show you some of the gems – so I asked the curators to share their favourite Middel-Earth meme. And of course, I’ll go first.

Théoden is probably my favourite character in the movies – I know Jackson’s portrayal differs from the books, but I like him all the more for his flaws. And meme-ing this powerful moment of his near the climax of The Two Towers, well…

(I’ve sadly not been able to find an original source, for it appears either multiple people had the same idea, or perhaps some folks reposted without crediting…)

A close second is this great little edit of the precise moment Aragorn blanked on Thranduil’s name:



I had to dig a little to uncover my answer to this curator question. Though internet occasionally throws an amusing LOTR meme my way, it typically leaves my brain immediately thereafter. The few memes I have saved on my PC (and find way too funny) relate to Théoden or Denethor and their dead sons (and sometimes including a cruel jape towards Faramir). For example (credit):

Yeah, I should probably talk to someone…

My favourite LOTR meme, however, is a lot less grim, and a lot more stupid. The first time I saw it, early in the morning, it hit me so hard, that I almost woke up Jasmijn with my giggling. Why do I find this meme so funny? Because it hits very close to home, and its format is very reusable (credit):

I always appreciate it when people exert themselves beyond all reason to ‘commit to the bit’, and one of the most beautiful examples I have ever seen of this is this LOTR edit

I would not want be the editor on this one, but just the fact that someone went to the effort just for this joke makes me very happy.



This one. (credit)

That’s it: another soul-searching question answered!

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