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Prince-Heritor Conrig Wincator, heir apparent to the throne of Cathra, is a man with an ambition: to bring all four nations of the island of Blenholme under his Sovereignty. To this end, he has forged an alliance with Ullanoth, the mage-princess of the marshy kingdom of Moss. Deveron Austrey, better known as Snudge, appears to be an unassuming footman in the prince’s service. In reality, however, Snudge is a fledgeling wizard and Conrig’s secret spy – and he is soon to find himself embroiled in the sorcery, war and politics of the rulers of the island…

Conqueror's Moon

This book is not as exceptional or innovative as Julian May’s Saga of Pliocene Exile (which, admittedly, is probably one of the most formative fantasy experiences I’ve ever read), but it is a very comfortable traditional fantasy story that is well written and features colourful characters. The world feels alive but does not pretend to have the depth of a The Lord of the Rings or the ‘realism’ of a A Song of Ice and Fire. I would classify it is a medium-light but entertaining read – perfect for a reader looking for something that focusses more on escapism.

It wasn’t exactly what I am generally looking for in a  fantasy book, so I haven’t immediately started the second part of the trilogy, but they’re still on the list and I’m sure I’ll pick them up one time when I feel like something a bit less dark than my bread-and-butter.

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