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This week’s question is:

The new Rings of Power teaser trailer, yay or nay?

Ehm… ‘may’?


I’ll confess, I’m not really excited at the moment. “Why not? You love Lord of the Rings! You should be thrilled there’s more content coming!” Well, that’s a very good point. However, the trailer did not yet invoke the Middle-Earth spirit within me. Sure, it was flashy and mysterious, but it was not really substantial. “Before the king. Before the fellowship. Before the ring.” I already knew all this. I’ve learned nothing new, except for a few faces (Elrond with short hair, why?) and places.

It should be said, however, I’m ultimately still not pessimistic towards the series. People are hating on the diverse casting and the lack of Tolkien-purity or whatever. I don’t mind that (and even applaud it). I’m still curious. I just feel this trailer was not very… telling. It could have been a new Narnia trailer just as well. Hopefully, future trailers will be more substantial.



I desperately want to yay this – I’m living and breathing Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings-trilogy every day and I want this to be equally good. So far though… the more I learn about it, the worse it seems to get. Perhaps that’s just because nothing could possibly live up to how great the LotR-trilogy was, and maybe I’ve made that better in my mind than it really ever was.


But ‘Haven’t you ever wondered what else is out there’ is just… such a non-Tolkienesque line. That line seems very much aimed at the audience. Like… Middle-Earth is all about myths and legends and ancient grudges. People in Middle-Earth know what is out there, they know the stories, they revere the past. Tolkien is not about that mystical sense of enchantment of what might lie beyond the next hill, that’s Narnia!


And I think that describes this trailer for me: if I hadn’t know better, I would’ve probably guessed it was for a Narnia series. Even the visual style, I think, is reminiscent of those movies. Basically – it looks and feels like a cleaned up, overly groomed, fairy tale-esque, children’s version of The Lord of the Rings. That’s harsh, maybe. I hope to god I’m wrong.

Mehh… I’ve been burned by too many bad adaptations before, so I’m not getting my hopes up for this one. The trailer sure didn’t help to reassure me.



First thought: I guess?? In the trailer I recognised pretty much nothing at all (except for the big pointy statue guy), so I’m not sure how this is supposed to reel in the fans. However, I’m not one to rain on a parade that hasn’t even started yet, so I’ll give it a fair chance. Considering the amount of money they threw at this, it might actually turn out not too bad. I just really want it to be good, for my friends. But looking at their reactions, I might be a little bit too optimistic. I’ll have to watch it anyway so we’ll see, haha.

Nay. I did not read or see anything before this trailer, but this gives me more reason to doubt than to be hyped. I saw some great landscapes and impressive settings, but also some too-polished CGI that reminded me of the Hobbit trilogy – and that’s not good. But most stuck with me the amount of teenagers in the trailer, all looking like they were about to have angsty romances. Brr, I hope I’m wrong…


That’s it: another soul-searching question answered!

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