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In the second installment of the Rain Wild Chronicles, we follow the dragon keepers, their dragons, and the rest of the expedition on their search for the ancient City of Kelsingra, where Dragons and Elderlings once lived in harmony. As they journey on, romances develop and plots thicken as the Chalcedeans need Dragon parts to cure their dying Duke.

Passepartout 3

This is the second part of the Rain Wild Chronicles, and honesty: not a lot happens. That is not to say that I did not enjoy the book, however. Sometimes a book can be more of a companion than something you get drawn into completely – I suppose it helped that I listened to the audiobook of Dragon Haven, meaning that the time I spent on it felt less precious than it might have had I read the physical book.

This book is very clearly a leadup to the following two books in the series. Very little of consequence happens.

Standout characters were Carson the hunter and Sedric. I find that Hobb writes very good redemption arcs, giving obnoxious characters growth that turns them into my favourites (like Malta in the Liveship Traders). However, her main characters in this series bore me. Alise in particular has little to nothing going on in this book, and Thymara’s entire story focuses on how all the Dragon Keeper boys want her so, so badly. Everyone in this book just wants to get it on, and I honestly feel like this novel could have been a lot shorter, and better, if this had been largely condensed.

I still enjoyed it! Hobb’s style flows nicely and I am intrigued by what the rest of the series will bring. 

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