Escape Velocity

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Underneath the buildings of The University lies a vast maze of forgotten spaces that no one ever enters. No one, except a girl named Auri who has sought her refuge there and has made it her home. This story is about her. 

As Rothfuss warns in the introduction: this book is not for everyone. For starters, you need to have read one, or preferably both Kingkiller books before this story will make sense. And it doesn’t even concern any of the main characters of those books. On top of that, it could be argued that this book lacks… a plot. It almost feels more like a long character study than like a conventional story. But that’s not to say that this book is boring. Despite its short length of 150 pages, I felt myself completely invested in Auri’s daily struggles. While this book is in many ways quite heartbreaking, I also find a lot of hope in the courage with which Auri attempts to mend, as best she can, a little bit of what was broken. I’ve already read this book twice and I am sure I will keep coming back to it whenever I need to be reminded of this courage.

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