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In ‘Enchanted’, former storybook princess Giselle leaves her fairy tale life behind to find a happily ever after in the real world with a single dad and his pre-teen daughter. In this movie, Giselle has a baby of her own and a now gloomy teenage stepdaughter. To try and escape an existence in a rut, Giselle makes her family move to a small suburban village. Furthermore, she uses a magic wand to wish a fairy tale life for her family. Alas, as often tends to happen with wishes, things don’t work out as she intends…

I was looking forward to Disenchanted for years! When it finally released I couldn’t help but feel every part of the movie was strained. The music, although written by Alan Menken, sounded like a wet copy of the first movie. The storylines for all the main characters felt very forced and mainly written to give the Big Stars enough screentime. Overall, I was disenchanted by Disenchanted.

When it comes to Disney sequels, it’s usually safe to not expect a masterpiece. More often than not, they lack the quality and originality that made their predecessors shine. This is certainly true for Disenchanted, the sequel to Enchanted.

I always liked Enchanted. It has a fun and charming premise and **the amazing Amy Adams is perfect for the role of naive fairy tale princess thrown into the real world. She sold the premise.

In theory, the premise of Disenchanted a princess wishing for some of the magic from her former life – could work too. And, with almost the whole cast reprising their former roles, it would seem that all the required puzzle pieces for success are still there. However, I found the whole movie to be quite forgettable…

I’m afraid that’s all I have. For someone who’s often able to recount most story beats and details from media she has consumed, this is quite telling though. From Disenchanted I remember practically nothing, except that Idina Menzel – whom I still love – at one point sings an awkward song centred around the words “love power”. So, if you enjoy Idina Menzel’s singing, this movie has at least one think to look forward to?

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