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Review of the board game Flamecraft. In a peaceful, magical town, people live and work alongside little artisan dragons that are a little like their larger (and quite dangerous) cousins. Shopkeepers greatly appreciate the help of these little dragons, for their flamecraft is a delight to all customers. As a Flamekeeper, you are blessed with the ability to communicate with the artisan dragons. Both shopkeepers and dragons look to you to help dragons find their ideal home, enabling the wonders of flamecraft to make everyone in town more happy.

Jasmijn and I stumbled upon the deluxe edition of this game at a Dutch Comic Con, and decided to buy it on a whim because of the cute art and the bag of ‘gold’ coins that came with it. Luckily, this is one of our best impulse purchases ever.

All in all, Flamecraft isn’t a very complicated game. You and your fellow players gather dragons and various resources in order to upgrade the different shops in town, vying for the love of the townspeople. The player with the best reputation at the end of the game wins. That’s it. Though the game is technically competitive, you’re mostly focused on your own plays and can’t really sabotage other players. In fact, you’ll have more chance being rewarded for helping other players. I really love this, and it perfectly suits Flamecraft’s feel.

Despite the simplicity of the game mechanics, there is enough variability in shops, dragons and enchantments to make every game feel different. Additionally, this game has extra rules to spice things up or to play it solo.

In summary, I love this game. Frankly, I wish I could live in this magical town full of happy and wonderfully diverse people. Every time I play Flamecraft, I immediately start to relax and smile at the art. It’s just so comfortable and sweet. Especially a recommendation for people who love cozy fantasy.

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