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The Great God Om manifests himself on Discworld once more, ready to herald a new age. To his own distress, however, Om finds himself trapped in the body of a lowly tortoise, stripped of his divine powers.

The only person who seems to understand Om is the humble novice Brutha. But will the aid of this person be enough to reclaim Om’s powers?

Review Small Gods - Terry Pratchett

I haven’t read as much Terry Pratchett as I should, but I have read this masterpiece.


In his typical humorous and satirical way, Pratchett uses Small Gods to reflect on some fascinating religious and philosophical themes. What if deities gained their powers from the faith of their followers? What is the difference between institutional worship and personal faith?


Though these subjects could quickly become heavy, they are continuously lightened by the plot and Pratchett’s humor. If you want to low-key dip your toes in religious/philosophical theories, this is great book to start with!

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