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Medusa, a mortal girl, is brought up by her two immortal sisters. They live a quiet life removed from others, until Medusa catches the eye of Poseidon. Powerless to stop the events that this sets in motion, the consequences for Medusa will be terrible.

As preparation for a recent trip to Athens, I decided to brush up on Greek mythology by reading some modern adaptations of the ancient classics. So many books in this genre have been released over the past couple of years, and I have really enjoyed reading these familiar stories through modern and (often) feminist lenses. The story of Medusa seemed overdue for such a retelling and I think Natalie Haynes did a great job in redeeming Medusa’s character. Here, we do not get an evil monster who deserves nothing better than to get her head chopped off by Perseus. Instead, we get a kind girl beloved by her two sisters, who gets caught in the abusive games of gods who are far more powerful than her.


While Medusa’s story is the main thread that binds the story together, many of the most well-known Greek gods make an apearance and a lot of different smaller myths are told in the process. Pretty much all of the gods are portrayed as petty and mean-spirited, which seems true to the way they behave in all of Greek mythology. This is a great book both for readers already familiar with Greek mythology, and for those who are new to it.

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