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Princess Shiori has promised that she would return the Dragon’s pearl to its rightful owner, which leads her on a dangerous journey. On her quest, she descends into the kingdom of Dragons, far under the ocean. Meanwhile, demons still threaten the kingdom of Kiata, and Shiori is the only one who can defeat them. As she navigates between worlds of Dragons, Humans and Demons, Shiori must also face the power of the corrupted Dragon’s Pearl itself. Can she return the pearl, which at times jumps to her aid, only to betray her the next minute? And can she defeat the demons that threaten her home?

I recently read Six Crimson Cranes by the same author. This is the sequel to that book, and to be fully honest, I wouldn’t have purchased it if I hadn’t accidentally bought this one first without knowing it was a sequel.

As I stated in my review of Six Crimson Cranes, Lim’s work is perhaps just not for me.

Shiori as a main character is still not very interesting to me, and the same goes for pretty much all the other characters in this book. The first couple of chapters, which take place in the Dragon realm under the sea, start off promisingly. Unfortunately, these chapters have very little to do with the rest of the book. A wildly unnecessary love triangle is implied, but fortunately not delivered on. I stated in my previous review that Seryu would become relevant in this book, which to be fair was an assumption on my part. Past page 150 he’s basically gone again, which is unfortunate because he occasionally does threaten to be interesting.

The plot of The Dragon’s Promise is very convoluted and I would honestly struggle to summarise it. I didn’t find myself wanting to find out how it would end at all.

Overall, if you really loved Six Crimson Cranes then you’ll probably enjoy The Dragon’s Promise. As I didn’t care very much for book one, I suppose it makes sense that the sequel doesn’t really do it for me either.

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