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As a drilling operation in the Norwegian mountains results in a mysterious eruption that kills several people, paleontologist Nora Tidemann is summoned to share her theories on what happened. It is with reluctance that she surmises that the cause of this event might be stuff of folk tales and legends…

Let’s be clear. Troll is a typical monster/disaster movie, and not necessarily a good one. I really liked it though, as proved by my various passionate exclamations during the movie. I really rooted for the troll…

This movie works because of the titular troll and some impressive special effects. The troll, the unsung hero of this story, looks absolutely stunning and has the best characterization out of all the characters. The other – human – protagonists are also likeable, though.

The plot and writing of this movie are on the whole decent for its genre. Nonsensical at times, but because the actors and directer really leant into it, I interpreted this more as a style choice than as a internal flaw. However, I hope the Norwegian government would have other tactics in their arsenal besides blindly shooting bombs at unknown threats.

A good movie to watch when you just want to gaze at what’s happening on the screen without thinking too much.

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