Escape Velocity

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In this co-operative trick-taking game players set out as astronauts on a space adventure looking for a ninth planet. The journey extends over 50 missions, a kind of levels, getting increasingly harder to complete. Communication in space is not easy, so everybody has to work together closely to not be sucked into the void of space.


What a fun little game. It offers a fresh twist on the popular genre of cooperative trick-taking games of recent years like Hanabi or The Game. The goal of most missions (levels) is for one or more players to get one or more tricks with a specific card in it. However, the twist in these type of games is always in the manner of communication. This time, the only way to communicate your cards is by placing a card in front of you and placing a communication marker at one of three positions on it, meaning either this is your highest card of this color, your lowest card or your only card.

I have already started four crews and keep having fun with this game. Keeping score is easy, simply the amount of tries to complete a mission, but this game is not about the score. It is about trying to work together, cursing on the cards, cheering when a risk pays off and crying when every player seems hopelessly incapable. Never me, of course.

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