Escape Velocity

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Two centuries in the future, humanity has colonised the solar system. Political tensions have risen between Earth, Mars and the people living in the outer asteroid belt. When a young woman goes missing, a detective in the outer Belt discovers there might be more behind her disappearance. In his search, he teams up with the crew of a spaceship who are searching for answers about a recent encounter where many of their crewmates were killed. 


(This review relates to season 1 and 2)


I really like the set-up of this series. The world and its political situation are believable and made more so by some of the realistic details, such as that the bone density of people living on Mars and in space is different from those living on Earth. The main problem for me with this series is that I find the main character James Holden very annoying. He is self-righteous and arrogant, but mostly he is just very boring. Naomi seems to have a lot more potential as a character, but once she becomes the love interest for James, she becomes almost as boring as he is. 


Plotwise I liked the first season better than the second season. I enjoyed the different storylines and how they came together to uncover the mystery at the heart of the story. However, after that the second season felt a lot slower in pacing and I was not gripped by it as much. Perhaps it picks up again in the later seasons, but I’m not sure I am invested enough to find out. 

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