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Peri (short for Hesperia) is an agoraphobic young woman whose home starts to show up in a new location every day. She forces herself outside in search of her missing brother and has small adventures everywhere she goes.


If I would have to summarize this audio drama in one word, it would be ‘delicate’. It is a wonderful experience to follow Peri in her surreal world. Every place and every person you meet is dreamlike and real at the same time. They are normal, but just off. In addition to the writing, the music and sound design help to create that feel of the mundane with a hint of magic. They are beautifully interwoven with the writing; subtle when it needs to be, powerful when the story reaches an emotional climax.

Peri is a kind, but hesitant hero. She is anxious and really does not want to go outside, meet new people and discover new places, but she has to. We follow and feel her struggles. She is constantly thinking and debating with herself, talking herself up at one moment and desperate at the other. Her (and other) mental struggles are also outwardly projected on the places and persons she comes across. The adventures are metaphors for how we cope with things such as exclusion, self-doubt, identity or depression.

During the first season, we see Peri grow as a person. In the second season she has accumulated enough confidence to extend that growth to others. Now she has the strength to confront the real issues lying underneath her fears and makes a visit to the past. I am really looking forward to what the third and final season will bring!

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