Escape Velocity

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During her work as an exobiologist on a newly colonised planet, Kira Navárez makes a discovery which accidentally sets off an interplanetary war. This is the beginning of a long journey for Kira as she desperately tries to minimise the damage her actions have unintentionally caused.

On the whole I quite enjoyed this book: it is pretty fast-paced and it has a cast of likable characters. However, there were a number of areas where the book fell short for me. None of the characters (except Gregorovich) are very original and the story on the whole did not particularly stand out to me either. With 800+ pages, it went on a lot longer than I felt it needed to. Especially the ending was drawn out far too much, becoming overly sentimental in places. 


Pick this up if you feel like reading something engaging and easy to read (despite its length), but don’t expect too much from it. That said, Jennifer Hale does a very good job narrating the audiobook, with an impressive range of voices for the different characters. I would definitely recommend going for the audio version if that is something you enjoy.

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