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In Unearth, each player leads a group of delvers (represented by 5 dice of different types) in digging up the ruins of an ancient civilisation. The players take turns to roll their dice and compete with each other in order to claim the ruin for themselves. In the meantime, they are also busy collecting stones to build wonders and earning cards that can help to change the outcome of their dice rolls.


‘Bend-your-luck’ is a very apt term to describe this game: it is mostly based on rolling dice, but if you play your cards right (literally), you have a lot of influence on how the game plays out. It has quite original game mechanics but overall it is not too complicated. I really love the artwork and the design of the game itself: the colored dice and the hexagon shaped tiles make it look very good on the table. It’s a fun game that doesn’t require you to be too focussed, so it’s easy to play on a relaxed evening while chatting with friends or family. 


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