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When a mysterious illness started spreading among the pupils and teachers of Raxter Boarding School for girls, the whole of Raxter island was put under strict quarantine. The Tox killed a large part of the teachers and brought about strange and painful changes in the surviving girls’ bodies. Hetty and her two best friends Byatt and Reese have managed to survive so far, despite the hardship and scarcity of food. When Byatt goes missing, Hetty and Reese risk everything to find out what has happened to their friend, and make a number of terrible discoveries in the process.


I would say this book falls somewhere on the border between Fantasy and Sci-fi. It takes place in a world that is not very far removed from our own, but many elements of the Tox fall more in the realm of magical realism than science-fiction. It is very much a young adult book in that it is written solely from the perspective of a teenage girl. However, the book is very dark and contains elements of horror, so I would not recommend it for very young readers.

My favourite part of this book was the relationship between the three girls. Their friendship and the feelings they had for each other were deep and complex, which made it all the more powerful how far they were prepared to go to protect each other. However, I did find myself getting a little tired sometimes by Hetty’s naivety. She is very young, so it is not unrealistic that she would be naive, but for me as an older reader it took away from the reading experience a bit. I guess this is mostly a case of me being the wrong audience for this book, if I had read it when I was younger it probably would not have bothered me as much.  

On the whole, I thought Wilder Girls was a very interesting read, even though it is clearly meant for readers who are a lot younger than me. If you enjoy young adult books and are looking for a feminist book in this genre, or a book featuring F/F romances, consider giving this one a go.

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