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Time to get to know the curators from the Escape Velocity Collection! How? By asking them the questions that really matter!

This week’s question is:

From all the many fantasy races that exist, which one resonates the most with you? And why?

Though I’d like to come up with something original, the simple truth is that I have a great fondness for dwarves. Something about their core (archetype) concept really speaks to me: Short but brave, creative and loyal, but often also prone to greed and unhealthy isolation. I think these traits lend themselves for perfectly tragic narratives, as well as great heroic stories.

However, I also like dwarves when they don’t fit the above archetype, so perhaps I simply like their aesthetics and the idea of misleadingly small people that easily perform great deeds…



Hmm, I think I’ll choose wizards. They are not always a race, granted, but always mysterious and powerful. They are mostly calm and deliberate, but regularly mixed with a little (or a lot) of crazy genius. Not that I am mysterious or powerful, but I like to see my self as intelligently composed most of the time, and a little crazy and unpredictable some of the time. Of course, I can only hope to aspire to their wizardy wisdom.

Ok, I guess I have to admit that I’m really just basic Elf trash. Like Jop, I wish I could come up with something original but this is all I’ve got. I’ll be honest: it’s mostly the aesthetic for me. The pointy ears, the fancy hair, the architecture… I feel like Elves are just like me but hotter? Though in D&D, I tend to gravitate towards half-elves.

Is it just an aspirational enjoyment of rich fancy people in fiction? I’m not above admitting that. I guess I like Elves the way I liked Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl.



I find it hard to choose, but I definitely have a big soft spot for all of the woodland, Fae-like creatures such as Nymphs and Satyrs. I like their playful and carefree attitude, but also their mischievousness and the slight edge of danger that tends to cling to them. Above all I love the mystery that surrounds them. While I am convinced I would not enjoy running into one of the Fae, I do love reading about them when they are safely locked between the covers of a book.

Without a doubt, the great miners and craftsmen of the mountain halls! Jop and I share our loves for dwarves (we played two dwarven brothers in our first D&D campaign), though perhaps for somewhat different reasons – I have always loved the dwarves’ unshakeable stoic attitude in times of hardship, their unflinching steadfastness in face of danger, their unwavering stubbornness of grudges and grievances. Dwarves may be a bit predictable at times, but they’ll hold their ground and they’re tough as boiled leather and I’ve always loved that kind of grit. The fact that many tales cast those same immovable objects as artisans of the highest order only makes their story better.



I’m not sure which race is my favourite. There are so many to pick from and I can’t even name half of them. But if I had to describe a race that resonates with my soul the most, I think it might be something undefinable from the fey realm. It would probably have wings and no concept of time whatsoever. Darkvision is a must. And maybe there is a far ancestor that can be traced back to the sea since I always end up in lakes, rivers or oceans (sometimes on purpose).

That’s it: another soul-searching question answered!

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