Escape Velocity

A curated Collection of Fantasy and Science Fiction Media

Some of My Favourite Media:

Audio Drama Within the Wires by Jeffrey Cranor and Janina Matthewson
TV-series Black Mirror created by Charlie Brooker
Henry Selick's Coraline based on the book by Neil Gaiman
Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell
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Am I a real fantasy and scifi nerd? Hmm, not really, actually. I tend to give priority to historical fiction. But that does not mean I can not appreciate those other genres. In fact, I think historical fiction is, in a way, a fantasy-scifi combination. Is it not all about creating a realistic yet distant world of recognisable yet alien people? However it may be, it reflects the thing that I appreciate most in stories of any genre: putting myself in the shoes of a different person in a different world and thereby broadening my perspective on life.

Although I love to immerse myself in another era or world, interesting characters make whether I stick to a story or not (although I am not very good at not-finishing a story I started). I can appreciate a thoughtfully constructed narrative where the reader is left wondering for a while until everything falls into place. I am not great in visualising stories, so long descriptions of places or clothing are not for me. I want to feel the world more than I want to hear about it.

Like most people, I do not read as much books as I should. I work with texts in my working life and find myself looking for other means of entertainment in the evenings and weekends. Instead, I use every silent minute to listen to podcasts, mostly audio drama’s. Naturally I listen during walks and chores, but even while aisle-browsing in the supermarket or walking from office to the toilet. I gravitate towards the horror/thriller sci-fi genre. Besides consuming podcasts and books, I am a euroboardgamer and incidental player of narrative videogames.

Historical themes


Character driven stories


Realistic or grimdark settings


A bit of gore that makes your skin crawl (especially in audio)


Stories that hold you at the edge of your seat without using cheap cliff-hangers


Tightly written plots and well-foreshadowed plot twists


When the story structure itself wows you


Writers that trust their readers to figure it out by themselves and do not feel to need to explain every detail


Evil characters who have a point


Stories that show me life from another perspective (without explicitly explaining it)

Stories with excellent premises and ideas that miss the mark and leave you frustrated with the feeling ‘they could have done so much better’


Intertexuality (unless I get it :P)


Flat characters


Actions taken not in line with character motivations but ‘for the plot’


Really competitive games


Poor writing


Love triangles and sappy romance


Board games based on luck

Pet Peeves

Unsubtle info dumping


Cheap cliffhangers


Anachronistic character motivations


Strawman feminism where the bad guy is so cartoonishly sexist that you can easily frame your boring protagonist as a woke girlboss (© Curator Lotte)



Recent Contributions

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This assembly of short (and some really short) films by Neill Blomkamp is not a series so much as an assemblage set of cinematographic thought experiments that gives some insights into what moves Blomkamp as an artist.