Escape Velocity

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Jöseph is a bounty hunter and top of his class – he thinks, anyway. He takes on a new task, but when it appears the money is not going to be worth it, he hesitates. Finally, his heart prevails and he takes on his most dangerous bounty contract yet: tracking down an evil terrorist named Opus, who is kidnapping more and more innocent civilians of the city of Polaris. Using his exo-skeleton tech called Auto-Machs Opus is planning to exact his final revenge – and Jöseph is the only one who can stop him.


What a spectacle! If you ever wondered how a superhero movie would be if it was an audio drama; this is it. Joseph uses an impressive cinematic audioscape – although overwhelming at times. You feel like the space ships are flying just past your ears and you have to duck for the bullets.


So I can appreciate the audio design, but storywise… it is not my piece of cake. I was hyped when I heard the trailer(s), but it appears that this short sequence was the complete emotional core.The plot is straightforward: egocentric bounty hunter teams up with some nice people to solve a mystery and save a bunch of kidnap victims. The dialogue is snappy. Characters are clichés. Acting was alright.

Conclusion: well produced, not my kind of story.


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