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The grandmother of young genetic scientist Macallan Orsel is sick. Why? Well, that’s complicated, as Macallan soon finds out: her family is part of a group of immortals. Or at least they were, until a mysterious force started to threaten all immortals’ lives. And what’s more, Macallan seems to be the chosen one to fix it. She gets quickly entangled in a political and violent game between immortal rivalries and an American intelligence agency called The Blackdoor Group. If Macallan wants any chance to to save her grandmother – and the world – she needs to go to the headquarters of the immortals, Leviathan, hidden deep under the ocean.


I think I listened to what has become the first ‘season’ of The Leviathan Chronicles around 2016, when the first episodes were already relatively old for a relatively new medium. But after episode 25 it just stopped. I was furious: did I pour my soul and all that time in a half-finished story? Agitatedly I googled what happened. I found a facebook post from just a month prior. The first post after years of silence. Production of the show had stopped because the wife of the maker got cancer. His passion project had to make way, of course. She passed away. My heart stopped. I was no longer furious. I only hoped he would finish his story. And he did. In 2020 he released the final episodes.

Despite that tragic and beautiful making-of story, The Leviathan Chronicles is not my favourite show. The acting is alright, the characters are fine, the story has an original enough premisse. But I wouldn’t call it layered with deep meaning or emotionally devastating. What it is, though, is fun. The Leviathan Chronicles is an adventure action movie, with chase sequences, gun fights, exotic locations and romance because, you know, a man and a woman were in the same place. Not your usual audio drama style, and I can appreciate that.

Will the story of this audio drama stick with me? No. Did I have fun? Yes.

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