Escape Velocity

A curated Collection of Fantasy and Science Fiction Media

Welcome to the Nesting Zone, the home of huge and ancient chameleons that have presumably woken up after millennia of sleep. Soldiers and explorers roam this hostile and reality-bending world. Someone who calls himself The Amanuansis records his travels up the slope of Mt. Tahoma and tells the stories of the people he meets.

This audio drama is absolute madness – and I am all aboard with it. A soothing voice of poetic absurdities flows over the conscious layer of your mind, only occasionally touching those parts of your brain that connect to reality. Dolphins and flamingo’s drenched in motor oil stand hypnotised and aflame at a pond of sulphuric acid. Explorers crawl through vines of memories to stand eye-to-eye with albino lizards the size of dinosaurs. And you are thrown in a lake, where a carnivorous astronaut rises from the waves to eat all sanity that is left of you.

The only flaw of this piece of art is that you have to concentrate to make any sense of what is happening. Where I normally listen to audio drama’s while doing all kind of household chores, now I could only do specific things that didn’t need any braincells at all. The second season was easier to follow – you get used to the style and it has a bit more traditional story-structure with more dialogue and character actions.

Warning: listening may induce spontaneous limb regeneration, dreams of ancient reptiles baying at the sun, and the urge to run naked into the desert until you body becomes sand.

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