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In a highly surveilled future Los Angeles, mind-readers are outlawed. Sid and her family have spent years trying to protect her true identity as a ‘reader’, but this becomes harder and harder when for the first time in years, a string of murders takes place. And then Sid meets Andie, a mysterious woman she falls head over heels for, but who is not who she seems to be…

Sometimes you read or watch or listen to new media and you wonder whether you have lost the capacity to truly love something. Everything is just ‘good’ and you think you have just become more critical. But then something comes around that reminds you: if it’s really good, you’ll know. Narcissa absolutely did this for me.

Although the summary above is not particularly exciting, the execution of this audio drama is amazing. The performances of Dianna Agron (Sid) and Maria Sten (Andie) are stellar, the characters are believable and complex,. the writing is exactly the amount of show-don’t-tell I love and the sound really feels like it’s coming from all around you. Where I sometimes get the feeling that an audio drama is written and produced by someone who is more into novel writing or film making, here the makers of QCODE definitely know what they are making and how you build a story through sound.

And oh, right, I almost forgot: the sex is HOT.

The only critique I can give is that the end falls a little flat in the sense that I did not know if episode 8 would be the last one. I had to wait a week before I dared to conclude the series was over. The main storyline had wrapped up in episode 8, true, but there was still an opening for a twist. And at the same time, a whole new can of worms had just opened up that would drive the story forward. I guess – and definitely hope – that those worms will be tackled in a next season.

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