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Review of M3GAN; Cady, a little girl of nine years old, is forced to live with her aunt Gemma after her parents are killed in a car accident. Gemma, an ambitious roboticist at a high-tech toy company, quickly discovers she is way out of her depth when it comes to caring after a child. To help both herself and Cady, Gemma constructs M3GAN, a robot doll companion for her niece to bond with. M3GAN quickly proves to be a work of genius, exceeding everyone’s expectations. However, the question arises: are there limits to what technology can and should do instead of humans?

Don’t tell anyone, but secretly I am a scaredy-cat. When watching horror, I will startle at lame jump scares. My ultimate weakness? Body contortion and unnatural movements. If an entity twitches in an inhuman way, I will make noises and grab the nearest pillow (or human) to try and control my limbs. Usually, because I’m not the bravest when it comes to horror, I only tend to watch it with others, which doesn’t occur very often. However, for M3GAN I was willing to make an exception. I’m glad to say I didn’t come to regret this decision.

When I first saw the trailers for this movie, I was already charmed by the concept. Though I suspected the plot would eventually turn into a killer-robot story, the idea of a caretaker robot that (somewhat unhealthily?) bonds themselves to a child (and vice versa), is something I like. The classic ‘what is humanity?’ question etcetera.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that M3GAN did not only stick to the AI tropes you might expect, but actually made the effort to tackle some emotional themes. How do you move on from loss? And how healthy is our relationship with technology nowadays? This movie knows when to rely on tropes and when to do its own thing.

Of course, M3GAN is a horror movie. However, it is one even I could handle quite okay. This movie also has a lot of humour in it that helps you move on from the horrific elements. This, combined with the surprisingly deep themes and a strong soundtrack is enough for me to recommend M3GAN to anyone who wants to try their hands at a clever horror movie that isn’t too gruesome.

“You shoot me down, but I won’t fall. I am titaaaaaniiiiiuuuum…”

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