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Eight strangers from different parts of the world, all with their very own challenges in life, gradually discover they are mentally and emotionally linked to one another. Although this unique bond comes with its own difficulties, these eight strangers soon discover they can build on each other’s strengths and compassion.

Meanwhile, a man named Whispers, under the employ of a mysterious organization, tries to capture them for nefarious purposes…

I absolutely love this series.  Where to start?

Sense8 is an ambitious celebration of diversity in all of its forms. This is not only apparent in the fact that it was filmed on multiple continents, but also in the way in which the accompanying cultures are portrayed respectfully, both their beautiful and less beautiful sides. Not only that, the cast of characters consists of a variety of walks of life, each with their own unique story lines besides the bigger plot. This ranges from a German criminal to an Indian woman who doubts her upcoming wedding, and from a white American policeman to a South-Korean businesswoman who pushes aside her own needs for the family business.

As one might imagine, it takes some time to bring eight different storylines together, especially when the eight main characters are physically divided by continents. Some might find that the first few episodes are complicated and slow of pace. However, this was not how I experienced it. Although the initial mysteries may seem overwhelming, the individual characters – each of them played by talentful actors –  are captivating enough to guide you through them. Indeed, soon enough you’ll find you’ve fallen in love with them. Even years after I’ve watched this series, my thoughts still regularly drift away to think of them. The character-driven plots of Sense8 are amongst the most intricate and well-written I’ve ever seen on television.

Besides the wonderful characters, the stories of Sense8 contain some powerful themes, relating to issues such as identity, gender and sexuality and the nature of family. Empathy is the common thread throughout all of the story. Are we as humanity defined by our differences or our similarities? Can we find love and beauty in people that are almost nothing like us? What could we learn from others, if we only dared to leave our comfort zone? When I’m about to lose faith in humanity, Sense8 somehow manages to restore my hope for a brighter future.

What more can I say? I could still mention the beautiful cinematography, but I already find myself eager to rewatch the series. I think I’ll leave it at this.

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