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With their own homeworld dying because of the dangerous Fel magic, all the orc clans unite under the warlock Gul’dan’s leadership to find a new home in the world of Azeroth. Here, they quickly come into conflict with the humans of Stormwind Kingdom.

While the champions of the human kingdom unite to stop the orc invaders, there are heroes on both sides of the conflict that begin realizing that there are greater dangers than the war between orcs and humans.

I was sick earlier this week. And, as I am often prone to do when I’m sick, I decided to watch a movie that I didn’t necessarily want to see but simply was curious about. Warcraft was the winner this time.

A small caveat: as a child, I enjoyed the Warcraft real-time strategy games, especially the intricate story campaigns. This means I had a basic understanding of the lore and characters in this universe when I went into this movie’s story. I suspect newcomers might be a little overwhelmed at first, though familiarity with classic fantasy tropes might alleviate this significantly. I couldn’t say how this adaption holds up for those familiar with the original deep lore of the Warcraft franchise.

I’ll admit, I had little expectations, and therefore wasn’t disappointed with what I got. Warcraft is an ambitious project, telling a story that’s a little too big for the scope of one movie. This is mainly apparent in the big cast of characters. While some of them come out well (I liked the execution of Garona and Durotan), most remain rather flat and underdeveloped. Even Ragnar Lothbrok, or rather Anduin Lothar (played by Travis Fimmel), doesn’t really grow beyond the ‘confident and skilful warrior who likes to joke’ archetype despite being one of the main characters.

Luckily, because it’s an ambitious story, there’s always something happening in your eyeballs. The special effects are more than sufficient, and the fighting scenes are enjoyable. Furthermore, there are some twists and turns that’ll keep you on your toes.

All in all, I wouldn’t say that Warcraft is a masterpiece. The plot and character choices are hazy at times. Still, it will entertain you for the better part of an evening.

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