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As Fitz recovers from his mission to the Mountain Kingdom, he soon discovers there’s no escaping from Buckkeep politics. With the arrival of Princess Kettricken, the ongoing war with the Red Ship Raiders, and Prince Regal’s dubious machinations, Fitz’s aid is needed more than ever.

Fitz still dreams of a more ordinary life, but can he ever truly escape his duties as a royal assassin?

It’s somewhat a habit of me to like the second part of a trilogy the best, and the same goes for Royal Assassin. This book takes all of the build-up in Assassin’s Apprentice and takes it up a notch. We also learn more about familiar characters such as Burrich, Patience and Kettricken, and are thoroughly blessed with the arrival of new characters such as Nighteyes. Fitz is growing up, the war with the Red-Ship Raiders is getting uglier, and all the stakes get higher.

If you enjoyed Assassin’s Apprentice, Royal Assassin will give you a thrilling continuation of Fitz’s story!

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