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Time to get to know our Curators better! How? By asking them the questions that really matter! This time with another special New Year edition!

2024 is upon us, and we are once again trying to be better versions of ourselves! Let’s set goals and resolutions and reduce the piles of media that are still waiting to be consumed! That’s how it works, right?

In the spirit of the New Year, we asked ourselves:

What are your 2024 to read/watch/listen/play resolutions?

1. Dragon Age: Dreadwolf - BioWare

There is a trailer with a reveal date. Not a release date, per se, but still… it’s more than I had last year! A fool’s hope still counts for something. At least Gandalf thinks so, and that’s enough for me.

2. The Quest of the Ringbearer - Games Workshop

If my resolutions for 2022 taught me something, it’s much too risky to let your success depend on things that are out of your control. That’s why I choose to have two of such resolutions this year! If I fail this one, I’ll just blame Peter.

I have thought up my own ‘fantasy fellowship’, including an old Bilbo & Thorin, Éowyn & Faramir and Glorfindel and created a line up drawing to channel my excitement to see them in action. I’m somewhat afraid Peter will regret inviting me, because there is a reasonable chance that I’ll bother him with fanfiction of my fellowship when we’ve started playing in the beautiful scenery pieces he’s currently building.

3.Pick up writing and worldbuilding again

There’s a whole list of books I could put here, but I’m inspired by the creative resolutions of my fellow curators. In fact, it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while, but didn’t get around to. Writing has always been very important for me, but due to some big changes in my life it didn’t get my attention the last few months. I’m okay with this, but now I miss it…

To make it easy for myself, I’m planning on starting with a few (very short) stories that revolve around specific worldbuilding tidbits. This will be more ambience scenes than narratives with plot, I believe, so nice and manageable? If I play my cards well, I might even combine it with drawing more. How’s that for a New Year’s resolution!



1.Legends & Lattes - Travis Baldree

From Peter’s description it sounds like a wild ride, and after just finishing He Who Drowned the World, I have to say I’m ready for something a little lighter. I’m hoping it will be as fun as I’m imagining.

2. Roam - Ryan Laukat

I got this game as a Sinterklaas present and to my shame I haven’t even gotten around to reading the rules yet. But I’m sure that once I do, it will be the perfect excuse for a cozy board game night.

3. Art challenge with Lotte

Lotte and I have just decided to do an art challenge to inspire each other to draw more, but we haven’t decided on the ‘rules’ yet. So if you have any ideas, let us know!

1. Learn to paint with an airbrush

As always, I have too little time to spend on hobbies, and as usual, that means I try to compensate by spending money instead. This year, my totally unnecessary purchase was… an airbrush!

I really don’t need it and I’m not sure why I spent the money on buying a thing that I need time (that I don’t have…) to get comfortable with, but I am hereby committing to actually trying to get used to it over the next year.

Who knows, I might actually be able to speed up my painting process (and finally put a dent in that backlog of unpainted plastic and resin).

2. Read a Warhammer Novel

Warhammer and Warhammer 40K have a lot of lore. Most of it is absolute trash, and that’s fine for a wargame: basically everything is just rule of cool and over the top, and that is expressed in absolutely ridiculous and cool minis on the tabletop.

Games Workshop (or more accurately, their proprietary publisher Black Library) sells tonnes of Warhammer novels, and so far I’ve mostly laughed at them. But I’ve been hearing from a couple of different people that some of them really aren’t that bad. So perhaps it is time – after playing with the minis for over two decades – that I finally give one of the books a go. Probably a Dan Abnett, I hear he’s decent.

3. Finish writing a story for once

I’m not nearly as serious a writer as Jop or Key are, but I have counted writing as one of my hobbies basically since I could write.

I’ve never been any good, and I’ve never really felt the drive to finish anything, seeing as I’ve really never felt like any of what I write is going anywhere. I see myself als a hobby and writing butterfly beyond redemption.

I think I may have only finished a story once, which is slightly shameful. So perhaps I should resolve to finish another one, and throw it out there, so that I’ll feel just that bit more encouragement to actually complete an arc.



1.Dragond Age: Dreadwolf - BioWare

Dragon Age 4 has finally been announced, and I am READY, baby! Dragon Age is possibly my all-time favourite franchise and I can’t wait for the next instalment. I’m also desperately hoping it won’t end up like Mass Effect: Andromeda.

2. Get back to doing art, specifically fantasy-themed

I barely drew anything last year, despite my resolution to do more fanart. This year, I really want to get back to doing art. One of the only pieces I drew last year was of a dragon sitting on a lantern in the rain, because I’d seen that exact scene from my window. Or rather, I saw a seagull sitting on a lantern in the rain and thought: “Wouldn’t it be rad as hell if a dragon sat on a little lantern?”. I love that piece SO SO much, but I haven’t even uploaded it because I just haven’t been thinking about art or my art Instagram. I had the dragon printed and have it framed on the wall, and I’d love to be able to put more stuff I’ve drawn myself on the walls around my apartment.

3. Take some good photos of my Howl’s Moving Castle Sophie cosplay

I made this cosplay for Elfia Haarzuilens this year, but it rained the entire day so I never really found the right moment to take some pictures. I don’t go to nearly as many conventions as I would like to, but I plan to wear the costume again at Elfia next year. After all, no one saw it last year because I wore a coat over it the entire day.

Happy New Year, folks! 

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