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In this Science Fiction role playing game, you are commander Shepard, and an ancient force is threatening the galaxy. As you fight your way from planet to planet, you make some true friendships, and are forced to make choices that will shape the future of the galaxy.


Mass Effect is the first installment in the Mass Effect trilogy, and blends what we’ve come to expect from classic Fantasy RPG’s, with the thrill of Science Fiction shooters.

I played the entire Mass Effect Trilogy in the span of about a month, which gives you a bit of an indication of how much I enjoyed the first game. I’ll admit that this game is pretty old. When I played it, the remaster wasn’t out yet, so it definitely didn’t look amazing. It had a fantastic atmosphere, though. Bioware games don’t tend to be about the amazing graphics; they tend to revolve around the story and the heart of the characters. You walk away from these games feeling like you’ve made real friends. Recently they’ve come out with a remastered version, so definitely don’t let the age of the game stop you from checking it out.


I can really recommend playing as a Female Shepard, just because the voice acting by Jennifer Hale is top notch and massively contributed to my enjoyment of the game.


All in all, there is a reason why this game series is old but still has a massive army of adoring fans. It tells an amazing story supported by a cast of amazing characters. AND there are some really fun alien races that are much more interesting than 90% of fictional aliens out there. Though of course there is also an alien race that’s just all Hot Ladies. Some things are just inevitable. (Though even that raises some interesting discussions. Matriarchal society? Hell yes)

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