Escape Velocity

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A high-school student stumbles upon an ancient curse that grants immorality, but there’s a catch: every full moon she must kill someone – anyone – or she’ll die. It doesn’t take long before she is watched with suspicion by friends, family and the police.


Great & Terrible is a podcast in A.R. Olivieri’s characteristic style of super short episodes. The episodes alternate between poetic reflection and progress of the story.

For me, it is not the best Olivieri-podcast. I quite liked the contained stories of 2298 and The Easiest of All the Hard Things, but this one is too slow for me. I have the feeling it is less suitable to be told in snippets, because every time I lose track of where we are in the story. And then I remember: ‘Oh, we are still doing this.’ In addition, I don’t really like the main character and since her telling is 90% of the story… The ‘poetic reflection episodes’ are nice though, although I do regularly catch my thoughts wandering off while listening.

Yet, I keep coming back. It is still entertaining and I want to know how it ends. If it ends. And for 3 minutes each time, I can’t really not listen, can I?


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