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In a future where humans live throughout the galaxy, Alexine Prometh is close to a ground-breaking discovery. Her Abacus Project could change the human mind. For the better, she thinks, but are the plans of her company with ties to the government just as benevolent? And will anybody try to stop her research?

Earth Eclipsed is a nice don’t-think-too-hard-and-come-along-for-the-ride science fiction audio drama. The production quality is good, the plot is fine. It’s not complicated, but it does not try to be: bad guys vs good guys, fighting, heisting and scheming in space. Maybe not really my cup of tea, but amusing nonetheless.

However, there were a couple of things that let this audio drama dip below the bar of 3 stars. After the first two episodes, the writing was really getting me angry. A bit cheesy is fine for this kind of story, but there are limits. You can only hear so much ‘No, I can’t tell you, it is just too painful’ and ‘There is a lot you don’t know about me’. And it got worse. In combination with some bad accents (supposed to be French? Russian? Space European?) and character clichés, I had to have a bucket ready.

My expectations were lowered and I thought about quitting, but I am glad I continued, because I was pleasantly surprised by the last episode. It saved the day and let me end with a relatively good feeling about the series.

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