Escape Velocity

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After running for their lives, Thomas and the other ‘Gladers’ finally decide to take the fight to WCKD instead. Intent on freeing their captive friends and finding a cure to the Flare-sickness, Thomas and his friends set their eyes on the Last City, one of the last safe bastions in the world and home to WCKD’s headquarters.

The final installment in this series differs little from the previous movies when it comes to narrative. The plot is simple (and at times even poorly portrayed), but it lends itself well to spectacular action scenes that are fun to watch. The characters are as they have been established in the previous movies, and will do little to further win you over. Though, I must admit I was somewhat charmed by Teresa’s arc and appreciate it for what it could have been. Also, Aiden Gillen is still there…

There is not much left to say, really. Maze Runner: The Death Cure delivers a suitable, bittersweet ending to the series. Easy escapism in a world with some interesting worldbuilding concepts.

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