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Thomas, Teresa and the other ‘Gladers’ have escaped the Maze, only to find that the outside world is a post-apocalyptic wasteland. While it at first seems they’ve finally reached some safety, they soon discover things might not be as ideal as they hoped. Their running days are not yet over…

Maze Runner Scorch Trials

Where I thought that the other installments of this trilogy couldn’t possibly possess such a meandering plot as The Maze Runner, this movie proved me wrong. Thomas and his merry band of friends go from pillar to post, throwing themselves at avoidable problems to pave the way for thrilling action scenes. Once again, it works, if you’re not too nitpicky. I was entertained, at least.


I wish I could say that I grew closer to the characters this time, but that wasn’t quite the case. However, the cast is complemented with a few new characters with potential, including a new female character. In addition, towards the end of the movie, some characters go through some interesting developments.

Unfortunately for me, one of the new cast additions is a dubious creep played by Aidan Gillen. Although I recognize he’s an excellent actor, I must admit I’m seldom pleased to see his face (Game of Thrones’ Littlefinger ruined that for me). Sorry Aidan…


On the whole, I was somewhat disappointed that the concept of this series had moved away from giant mazes and the like. The answers that are provided to give the first film context seemed somewhat underwhelming to me. Great movie for an evening that doesn’t require any thought-provoking exercises, though.

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